You cant keep pouring from an empty cup.

As Mums, it can be so easy to just live life on autopilot and not realise until it's too late how worn out we are. It happens most years to me at Christmas time, I'm working so hard to make everything perfect, plus work always seems to be extra stressful at that time. When I finally do get to Christmas break my body gives in and I have to spend a few days in bed.

I still haven’t quite got the balance right of not only slowing down when I'm sick, but I have a few tips which I'm going to try and do more of in 2022.

We are all Much better Mum’s when we get the chance to recharge our batteries, but it’s so easy to forget that. Having time to recharge batteries often means so much planning or catching up that we just don’t bother. Have you ever noticed when you are in a better mood your kids can seem so much easier and your husband can seem much less annoying? Well, that's exactly why we need to figure out what fills us up and find ways to make time for it.

Here's my list of 7 things that fill my cup back up.

  1. A dog walk (no kids allowed). I have realised over Christmas how grateful I am to have a dog. He gets me out of the house even on the less appealing days, I find listening to my favorite podcast having some fresh air can make me feel brand new.

  2. Watching TV with my phone switched off. Focusing on 1 thing is so rare for me as my mind is so busy, a few hours focusing on something easy can be so refreshing.

  3. Dinner with good friends- there is nothing like eating good food without distraction and laughing with people who know me well.

  4. Evening trips to the supermarket- Putting the kids to bed and walking around a quiet supermarket alone with no agenda (I order my actual shop online) is so refreshing.

  5. A counselling session- I became a counsellor because I love that non-judgemental space- I love an hour where I can just offload and not worry about listening to other people’s problems.

  6. An evening massage or facial- I’ve only ever done this once and wow did I sleep well, so it's something I am going to make a point of doing more this year.

  7. Planning- Scheduling, booking things in, having a diary is the only way I make any of this happen- Sunday night I sit down and copy everything I have booked in and then work out when there is time for me.

Sadly getting an evening slot with a beautician or a date in with friends takes a bit more planning, but it's something that just like getting a babysitter and going out with my husband is time worth investing.

Remember when you see people on social media looking like they are living amazing exciting lives, they don’t just happen, they take lots of planning and organisation. Filling up that cup like everything else good in life can be had work but it’s worth it. If good mental health and more content life are something you want in 2022, finding ways to recharge is essential.

If this is something you feel you are struggling with could definitely help. Please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.

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