My recommendations.

Recomended Books

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Working Hard Hardly Working

Common sense is not always common action and so while some of the ideas in the book might seem 'obvious', if you're not already doing it, then you likely need to hear it again.

Grace provides practical advice for helping you focus when you're finding it hard to get stuff done, and for stepping back when you're on the edge of burnout,

The Magic

Im currently reading this for the second time. Its a 28 day gratitude process and has certainly made isolating with Covid dare I say it, enjoyable. I am seeing every benefit of all the time I have at the start of the year to get organised.

What about us

A beautiful book for someone who wants a better understanding of why being a new parent is so hard but doesn't have time to read. Full of amazing illustrations.

How not to Hate your husband After kids.

This book is so well written it feels like she literally steps in your home and your mind and has a Birdseye view on your relationship.

If you want to have a better understanding of why your partner now seems so annoying and how to change it read this.

The sensational Sleep Plan

Sleep training is controversial but after 2 babies a can safely say this book not only saved my mental health but probably my marriage so I cant not recommend it.

Never underestimate how important sleep is and how much not getting it affects you.

My favourite Podcast


Law of attraction changed my life

I'm a huge fan of the law of attraction and the power of gratitude so this has to be my number 1 recommendation. If you really want to do some self-development she even has a book club.

Our Purpose with Jay Shetty

The most interesting and insightful who used to be a monk and now has a podcast with guests like Gwyneth Paltrow and Khloe Kardashian. If you want to learn how to be less stressed this is the place to go.

Useful Websites & social media.



They are an amazing charity who provides Loss and Grief support for parents.

Dr Julie Smith

Fun and informative mental health videos her instagram is also a must follow @drjulie.

Big Little Feelings

I love any account that helps me better understand my kids. If I understand the behavior it always feels so much less frustrating. I often think I wish I could get out all my emotions and then go back to being happy like a tantruming toddler.


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