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Mama Therapy

I am Natasha Nyeke a councellor with a vision to support Mum's to feel good about putting themselves first. 

My approach to counselling

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We spend our lives trying to avoid difficult situations and distracting ourselves from painful things we wish we could just erase from our memories. Sadly memories can’t be erased and life is full of ups and downs. No one can go through life without experiencing some sort of trauma or some immense sadness. I believe that counselling is a way of freeing ourselves from these things and an opportunity to stop having to hide from the difficult memories we put so much energy into avoiding.

So much of our behaviour is subconscious and comes from things we were taught as children. Through our work, you will be able to understand patterns of behaviour that aren’t working for you anymore and learn new ones which work with the person you are now. I know this is challenging work and things may feel like they are getting worse before they get better, but I believe being true to who we are rather than fitting into the mould of what we feel people want us to be like can be so transformative.

How can Counselling help?


Counselling can give you a safe and comfortable space to freely discuss and explore things that you may not feel able to do with family and friends. At your pace we will explore your experiences, worries and emotions, enabling you to move your life forward.


The benefits of counselling vary from person to person, but you may find:

  • You gain a new clarity or self-understanding


  • A growth in your self-esteem


  • You are able to process painful experiences or emotions


  • Feelings of being stuck finally begin to shift


  • Identify patterns of behaviour that are having a negative impact on our lives.


Counselling can enable you to move your life forward. The experience of truly feeling heard and accepted can be empowering and transformative. It offers a unique environment in which we are free to consider our lives in a new way.

How Many Session's do I need?

Many clients ask how many sessions they may need. This is always difficult to answer, as it depends on how many issues we are exploring and healing may not always be a straightforward process. However, I work ethically and respectfully and appreciate that therapy is an investment of both your time and money. Therefore, I will continuously review our work to see where you are with the therapy. If you are limited to how much you are able to spend financially, I can offer short term work (i.e. 6 sessions). Alternatively, if you feel you would like to work more long term with me, to explore things in more depth, this is something I can support you with too. You’re free to also arrange a one off appointment to see if I can help and to see if I feel like the right therapist for you.