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"If trauma can be passed down through generations, then so can healing."


I believe Counselling can be a great place to start reconnecting with the person you truly are when you feel safe enough to take off the mask. I see it as my role to listen, understand, support and meet you where you are now. With all my clients the goal is to help you start being the person you always imagined you would be before life wore you down.

My background is in family work so I have a wealth of experience working with people who have experienced both generational trauma, but also just struggling to manage the challenges of life’s daily hassles. I know how hard making the decision to break that cycle and start making your mental health a priority can be and I want to help to make it that little bit easier. 

Trauma is a word I feel is hugely underused, it doesn’t have to be a huge life-changing event that everyone would understand. It can be unknowingly growing up with a parent who struggled with their own mental health. It can be a loss in the family that you thought you were too young to be impacted by. It can be your parent leaving with no explanation and growing up with a feeling of never being good enough. Life is so complicated and until we unpick it we often have no idea why we are struggling.

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"One of the main things that has helped me about talking to Natasha is I have realised I dont really talk about my feeling to anyone. Talking it out and hearing it out loud really helps. I have also started running and going for walks because Natasha helped me realise just staying in the house all day long isn't good for my mental health."

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